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Veterinary Acupuncture

Veterinary Acupuncture has existed for over three thousand years and developed as a drug free therapy. It harnesses the body's healing chemicals to relieve discomfort in painful conditions, increase mobility and assist in the improvement of many acute and chronic conditions. It is especially useful in musculoskeletal disorders, arthritis, older or rehabilitating animals. It also has applications for some hormonal and chronic immune disorders such as incontinence and skin conditions. It brings release and comfort in conditions that may be long term or have no cure. Modern Veterinary Acupuncture has a strong evidence base supporting its effects and efficacy. It is very safe when practised by a trained, qualified veterinarian and tolerated well by almost all patients.

Natural and Herbal Medicine

Natural medicines have been used for thousands of years, preceeding conventional medicine, to prevent or treat disease. We use holistic preparations to treat a multitude of conditions in harmony with the body's natural systems. Bespoke remedies harness the body's natural healing process and support healthy function and repair. These can include herbal preparations and flower essences. The uses of herbal medicine are wide and include part of a holistic approach to behavioural issues, cancer, gastrointestinal issues, organ disease (heart, kidney, liver), skin problems, respiratory issues, joint disease, chronic pain. They can also be used to support animals during chemotherapy courses.

Vaccicheck Vaccine Testing

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Antibody Titre Test measures the antibodies that your dog has to protect itself against THREE major life threatening diseases. Testing your dogs existing levels allows us to decide whether revaccination is needed at this stage. We use Vaccicheck which is a tried and tested, reliable system. For more information on the product see

Faecal Egg Counts

To help plan your worming needs, if any, and reduce resistance

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Mobility Products 

To help your mobility impaired pet maintain their quality of life 

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Genetic Testing

To understand your dogs breed background or discover genetic issues as early as possible

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