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Who is Dr. Nina ?

Hello!  I founded the Holistic Animal Centre when I realised that some health conditions respond best when the root cause is identified or addressed, not just the symptoms. To do this we need a 'whole being' approach - a holistic approach. 

I know first hand how often I have left the doctor's surgery with medication to control an ongoing symptom and then realised that we didn't get a chance to talk about why I might be getting that symptom in the first place

My name is Nina Adeyeye BSc (hons) BA VetMB MRCVS and I am a registered veterinarian in the UK.

I live in Kent with my family, my two bearded dragons called The Don (a girl, of course)  and Little Blighter. After graduation with a first class degree from Liverpool University, I then went on to graduate  as a vet in 2011 from Cambridge University. My first positions included working with a Horse and Donkey street charity in The Gambia and then a exotics biased practice in the UK, where I was lucky enough to work with several wildlife parks and lots of wonderful British Wildlife.

I grew up loving the idea of healing animals and people. As an adult that feeling has not wavered  but I have realised that there is more to healing than just fixing symptoms  - through my career I realised the closer we get to the cause the better the patient seemed to feel.
In my personal life, I experienced some health problems that did not respond to conventional medicine but had a life changing response to complementary therapies. This lead to my interest in holistic and complementary medicine as ways to look into the root causes and on the way make my patients feel more comfortable lively and mobile - which is often more important!

I found the integrated veterinary medicine route made most sense for me as it allows me to combine the best from my 17 years of ongoing modern veterinary medicine study and practice with the ancient medical wisdom that allowed humans and animals to survive and thrive before modern medicine existed. 

My interest in acupuncture peaked when I realised that it could treat more just stiff joints, so I signed up to study with the ABVA (Association of British Veterinary Acupunturists) and have been practising it since completing their course. I wanted to set up a safe, nurturing place in which pets can relax and their owners can too - no white coats and slippery tables - while having access to additional treatments that are not available in conventional practises.  It is wonderful to be able to spend more time really get to know pets and their human families in a no stress environment, really hear their stories  and work together to use acupuncture and natural therapies alongside their conventional treatments to get the best outcome possible.

Over the last 4 years I have combined working in education (teaching training Vet Nurses at Canterbury College) alongside my courses and training as a Mindfulness and Life fulfilment coach. I give talks on understanding stress and self care for humans. All the while, I keep practised and relevant by working with a local animal charity and as a locum for several local practices. 

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