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The Holistic Animal Centre

Veterinary Acupuncture and Complementary therapies in soothing surroundings or at home.  A Referral Service

TIME ENOUGH to listen 

"It is wonderful to be able to spend more time

...and  really get to know pets and their human families in a no stress environment. We have time to really hear  their stories, learn about their life and work together to use acupuncture and natural therapies alongside their conventional treatments to get the best outcome possible."
Dr. Nina

Integrated Veterinary Medicine 

 At the Holistic Animal Centre we focus on improving our patients lives 

 ..using Integrated Veterinary Medicine and we take a completely holistic approach to Veterinary treatments.
This means carefully considering each individual patient's circumstances, entire history, whole body system and even emotional pressures in order to help alleviate their disease or discomfort.
We offer health services to help animals and their owners (and non owners!) to live their most comfortable and nurtured life. Healthy body systems are supported by working harmoniously with you and your companion animal. 

At the Holistic Animal Centre we help prevent and treat a wide range of physical, mental and other issues in animals. The problems may be chronic, recurrent, severe or complex and so benefit from the integrated approach.

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comfortable and relaxing

A Safe, Nurturing Space

"I wanted to set up a safe, nurturing place in which pets can relax and their owners can too - no white coats and slippery tables - while having access to additional treatments to those you will find in conventional practices."  
Dr. Nina 


See how Acupuncture and other therapies can help your Companion Animal 


Veterinary Acupuncture has existed for over three thousand years and developed as a drug free therapy. It harnesses the body's healing chemicals to relieve discomfort in painful conditions, increase mobility and assist in the improvement of many acute and chronic conditions. 

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Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicines precede modern conventional medicine by thousands of years. In Veterinary Herbal Medicine we use it to treat and prevent disease by combining this with new discoveries and research.
With herbal medicine use a fully holistic approach to investigate the underlying cause and  incorporate ALL aspects of our patients life from environment, lifestyle and diet to emotional status, fears and anxieties.  

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Conditions We Can Help With

Pain: Acute, Chronic, Severe

arthritis, post surgery, post trauma, neurological pain

Geriatric and old age concerns

stiffness, general demeanour, vitality, cognitive issues (dementia), incontinence

Skin Problems

dermatitis, sensitivities, allergies, recurrent infections, ear issues

Respiratory Issues

eg. feline asthma, chronic bronchitis

Gastrointestinal Problems

sensitivities, recurrent problems

Stress and Anxiety 

general anxiety, inappropriate urination, nervousness, obsessive behaviours

Heart, Liver, Kidney Disease

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Hormonal disease

thyroid, diabetes, 


including support during chemotherapy 

We believe in considering our patient's whole body system and lifestyle to find a natural solution to their ailments 

What is Integrated Veterinary Medicine?

Integrated Veterinary Medicine recognises that there are two 'arms' to healing a patient - The Conventional Veterinary Medicine 'arm' and the Complementary Veterinary Medicine 'arm' - and that both can be used to improve the life of our patients, make them healthier and relieve pain. Complementary Veterinary Medicine includes acupuncture and herbal medicine which are supported by scientific evidence. Within Complementary Veterinary Medicine, Holism is an important concept - it involves looking not only at the physical symptom but the patient as a whole, including their mental state and environment, in order to address the root causes of their symptoms. Complementary Veterinary Medicine can also include flower essences and other modalities.

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We have loved creating a safe, comfortable, welcoming environment where our patients feel relaxed and nurtured - please contact us to arrange a visit. We also offer home visits for those who prefer.

Who is Dr Nina Adeyeye MRCVS?

"There is nothing better than a happy, healthy animal - their enthusiasm and delight in just being and living in the moment rubs off onto us, the lucky humans who surround them".               Dr. Nina

Dr Nina Adeyeye BSc hons BA VetMB MRCVS

Member of Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons 
Member of the British Veterinary Association 
Member of the Association of British Veterinary Acupuncture
Member of the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies
Member of the British Association of Veterinary Herbalists
Member of the Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association 
Member of the Raw Feeding Society

Dr. Nina's first interests in holistic and herbal medicine surfaced during her time in vet school, when she experienced insomnia and sensitivities that did not respond to conventional treatment. After several years of fruitless conventional therapy, Dr. Nina decided to dig deeper. The symptoms rapidly and massively improved once the underlying factors were identified and a holistic approach was taken to address each one and it's role in the actual symptoms.

Dr. Nina always knew she was going to become a veterinarian, form her first word 'dog', to her first pet - Coco the cow! As a child she brought home any creature that seemed in distress (sorry Mum!) and the path was set. 

Dr. Nina completed a degree in BioVeterinary Science  in Liverpool and went on to complete Veterinary School at Cambridge University. Soon after veterinary school she began working with an exotics practice before moving on to lead a team of 10 as a Head Vet in a large first opinion practice.
In particular, the development and treatment of chronic skin issues, allergies and food sensitivities had always fascinated Dr. Nina but in reality she experienced frustration when treating only the symptoms in practice. She looked to herself and realised that when evaluating and addressing each patients environment, diet and mental state as well as their symptoms, her patients were getting better results than just medication alone. 

Dr. Nina developed a blossoming passion for holistic medicine as she strove to improve patients lives as much as possible so they could live and feel their best. Sometimes there is no complete cure for a condition but there are ways to help the patient feel a hundred degrees better and to continue living life to the full. 

Dr. Nina is energised by her passions and continues her lifelong learning journey of training in acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Dr. Nina is a London/Cornwall native (apparently, you can be both!) and enjoys mindfulness, sharing education, horseriding, cycling, travelling, seaside air, baking, sharing incredible foods, spending precious time with her family, friends and her furry/lizard loved ones. When not with her patients, she can be found in the kitchen for 'experimental baking', in the study working on human wellness strategies or in the garden growing and gathering herbs and plants to use as therapies. She feels incredibly grateful to be able to help other creatures (animal and human) to find their most lively, happy life and to live her passion each day.

 Team Member - 'The Don'


'The Don' loves nothing more than chasing bugs, noseying around her vivarium and lounging in the water bowl. In fact, she isn't that great at the admin....